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Baeck Explorers Club Sticker

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Cars & Crayons x Baeck Explorers Club 

Express your passion for adventure and share it with likeminded souls. Get your sticker now and join the Baeck Explorers Club! 

Exploring the world since 1975! 

100mm matte finished sticker.

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Club History & Origin

The founders of Baeck Explorers Club had a vision, to bring Trans Sahara/Africa expeditions to Northern Africa. Sadly, in 1997 The organisation ceased and all expedition vehicles were sold. As lovers of classic cars and exploring the world, we are very fortunate to own one of their Land Rover 110's for our own adventures. Still wearing it's original stickers from BEC in 1980/90, we uncovered the unique history our 110 and wanted to keep it alive by sharing the story and hope that others will share their own stories in return.

The stickers have been re-made and are now available to all adventure seekers, so that the Baeck Explorers Club can live on as a fun network for those who love to explore!
#explorersforexplorers 🌍

(Iron-on patches also available) 

Item shipped from the Netherlands.

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