Jessica Jackson - Cars & Crayons

It all started when Jessica first passed her driving test, mid-way through studying Fine Art & History. All of a sudden she found herself comrades with a feisty ’04 Ford Fiesta, which she relied on getting to and from her happy place every day, the studio! That Fiesta became part of Jess' daily ritual, morning, noon and night. Now art wasn’t the only love in her life, driving was too!

Not soon enough, Jess got her first Land Rover, a beloved Java Black TD4 Freelander, made the same year as her Fiesta. She instantly named 'him' Bonny Lad, after her family's black Cocker Spaniel (who was actually called Digga). Anyways, Bonny Lad opened up a whole new world to Jess, not only greenlaning and exploring further than she'd ever been. The start of Landy ownership quickly drew her into another place too… the garage. Most days Jess' studio resembles the garage, just before or after something needs fixing. Jess' art practice is also very hands-on and if all goes well a whole lotta mess! 

Owning a Land Rover also meant joining a massive, worldwide community, welcoming anyone and everyone, whether you own one or not, you just have to like them! Listening to fellow enthusiasts talk passionately about their experiences and sharing stories inspired Jess throughout the years on Instagram as  @land_rover_girl and has led her to combining her studied practice with her love for classic vehicles and machinery. 

Jessica's  practice is derived from her enthusiasm for cars (or anything with wheels and a motor), whilst combining avant-garde humour and thought, combined with analogue materials and an eclectic range of different mediums. 

Vehicles are a form of art in themselves and have taken countless individuals, their ideas, visions and skills to bring these machines to our lives. Cars define an era, but also express human development as they continue to find new ways to break old limits. Cars have evolved within a blink of an eye, whilst they change and somehow remain the same. An object that shows the many triumphs and falls of human nature, but overall brings us closer together. With this in mind, Jess finally started Cars & Crayons. 

Jessica was born in Rinteln - Germany for the first year of her life, before moving to her hometown in North Yorkshire - Great Britain. After a brief year in Spain, Jessica came back to the UK and continued to travel further north, where she eventually settled on the boarders of Scotland and Northumberland. 

She now resides in the beautiful town of Bergen op Zoom - Netherlands with her partner, who is also a car enthusiast and creative like herself. 

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