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A4 (Large) Painting Commission

€230.00 EUR

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Whether it's a childhood memory, favourite vehicle, current ride or special gift, commission a unique and original water colour any time you like.

Your painting will be brought to life on cold pressed paper of top standard, with a thickness of 600g, ensuring a bold and seamless finish to your painting.  

Dimensions are approximately 21 x 29.7cm / 8" x 11" (A little bigger than A4)

Paper sizes are not interchangeable once an order has been placed. 

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Here's how it works...

1.  Purchase your commission through the web-store, there are currently two sizes available. 

2. Email photos of your vehicle to ( I am always happy to have a chat about your wishes before beginning a painting). 

3. You will receive updates via email of how your commission is coming along.

Please bare in mind that you will have a maximum of two alterations of the appearance/features of your commission, should you choose to do so.

4. Once completed, you will receive a digital copy of your painting at no additional cost and you will be notified when your physical painting has been dispatched.

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Completion time varies on the volume of orders, but the aim is to have your painting with you as soon and safely as possible. 

The overall price covers your physical painting of one vehicle and postage calculated at checkout. 

If you are wanting something more specific or more than one vehicle in the frame, the price will increase from the set menu on the website. Please get in touch to arrange an exclusive order.

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Don't be shy! Get in touch if you'd like discuss a future commission, ask any questions or just to have a chat before making a decision. Commissions should be a unique and fun experience from the beginning of paint touching paper, to you holding the finished piece in your hand. 

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